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Your Volkswagen is a remarkable example of precision German engineering. Every part of it works together to deliver a drive that is convenient, comfortable, powerful, efficient, and fun! One of the essential parts of your VW is the transmission, which is responsible for taking the power generated by the engine and transferring it to the wheels. If your transmission needs maintenance or repair of any kind, we invite you to come to Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa, serving Sand Springs, Bixby, and beyond. Find out more on this page or schedule an appointment!

Why Choose Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa for Transmission Service?

Since the transmission is a vital part of your vehicle's functioning, it's best handled by experts. Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa is proud to employ certified VW technicians who have been trained in handling Volkswagen transmissions. They will use only the highest quality parts and fluids, including OEM transmissions and VW-approved transmission fluid.

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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Transmission fluid is a vital part of your transmission's functioning. It keeps your vehicle's transmission from becoming damaged by friction since it acts as a lubricant. In automatic transmissions, it also acts as a coolant. Your VW owner's manual will have a recommended interval for changing this fluid, which will either degrade or become contaminated over time and will need to be replaced.

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Transmission Repair or Replacement Service

Sometimes, a damaged transmission can be repaired. However, it's usually easier and less expensive to simply have the transmission replaced instead. We can perform either service at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa.

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Transmission Inspection Service

There are many signs of transmission troubles. These can include:

  • Difficulty shifting into gear or staying in gear
  • Delayed shifting
  • Slipping transmission
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Grinding noise when you shift gears
  • A burning smell
  • And more

If you experience any of these symptoms, visit Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa, and our technicians will inspect your transmission to find the source of the problem.

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When you're ready to have your transmission serviced, come see why drivers from Glenpool and Jenks choose Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call, and then take a look through our service coupons to find great ways to save. We look forward to seeing you at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa, your local source for VW service.

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