Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service

We Perform Oil Change Services for All Volkswagen Vehicles at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa

Diesel drivers and traditional combustion engine drivers both love scheduling oil change services online at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa, where both will always receive genuine OEM parts and products with their certified service in our Tulsa, OK service center. Whether you're using your Volkswagen as a commuter vehicle that needs to be adequately prepared for those city miles, or you're a road-tripper who likes to go off-roading, driving on trails, and potentially even towing, we've got the oil change service you need at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa to give your engine the protection it needs. Schedule any of our oil change services online, and let our certified technicians give you the superior service experience you always get at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa.

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Volkswagen Diesel Oil Changes in Tulsa, OK

Many Volkswagen vehicles come with diesel engines, and some of the best-performing diesel engines in the business, to boot. Diesel engines require a different type of oil compared to traditional combustion engines, due to the differences in fuel and how the engine functions overall. We've got the Volkswagen-approved diesel oil brands you need to protect your diesel engine for a long time coming.

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Conventional Oil Changes for Volkswagen Owners at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa

Conventional oils may be the most rudimentary oil change services available for your vehicle, but they're nothing to sniff at. These oils will provide your engine with adequate protection for up to 5,000 miles, but you won't reap the same benefits that come with semi-synthetic and full-synthetic oils, that give you that little bit of extra protection.

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Schedule Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service Online in Tulsa, OK

Semi-synthetic oils are a great option for most Volkswagen drivers, as they provide longer protection (up to 7,500 miles), and are built to withstand extremely hot or cold climates that can cause your engine oil to wear out prematurely. These oils also provide additional benefits to your engine when towing or off-roading.

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Full-Synthetic Oil Change Service Available at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa

Full-synthetic oil change services are the best oil change service available for non-diesel engines at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa. Protection for up to 10,000 miles, and the greatest benefits for protection against extreme climates make the full-synthetic oil change service the one most of our customers love. Some vehicles may require synthetic oils and won't permit conventional oil changes. Refer to your owner's manual, or consult one of our certified technicians.

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Convenience is What You Get With the Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa Service Experience

Our conveniently-located Tulsa, OK service department is easy to access for most customers, and online service scheduling and Saturday service hours help you get your service done on your own time. Schedule any of our oil change services online at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa, and we'll show you why Tulsa, Sand Springs, Bixby, Owasso, Coweta, Glenpool, and Jenks Volkswagen customers always trust us for their oil changes.

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