The 2020 Volkswagen Passat Lands in Tulsa with a Big Splash

The redesigned Volkswagen Passat has landed in the new inventory at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa, and it packs more style and technology than ever before. This mid-size sedan is stunning, comfortable, and highly-advanced, and it can be yours today with a visit our Volkswagen dealership serving Owasso and Broken Arrow.

Driver Assistance Features

The 2020 Volkswagen Passat makes great use of a series of driver assistance features that will make every drive less stressful. Adaptive cruise control uses forward-facing sensors to help you maintain a set speed on the highway without always worrying about traffic. Rather than having to disengage cruise control to slow down, and then reset everything when you're back up to speed again, this system simply maintains a set distance from the vehicles ahead, slowing down when they do, and then resuming your desired speed when things are clear. Not only does this make it easier to maintain speed on the highway, but it reduces the fatigue of constantly managing your vehicle in traffic.

The blind spot monitor helps keep you safe in multi-lane situations where there is traffic of varying speeds. Not only will you be alerted to the presence of a vehicle that is currently in your blind spot, but it will also read traffic further behind you and let you know of someone that is approaching quickly. This works together with lane assist to understand where you are on the road relative to both your lane and other vehicles, and aims to keep you safe as you move from lane to lane.

Front assist uses a front-facing radar to read the road ahead and warn you of any potential accidents. With both a visual and audio cue, you'll be alerted to any potential impacts so you can take the appropriate action if you aren't already doing so. What's more, autonomous emergency braking can step in if you fail to react, or increase brake pressure if you're not slowing down quickly enough.

Rear traffic alert aims to help you as you reverse out of parking spaces and driveways. By alerting you to the presence of oncoming traffic, it aims to reduce the instances of you backing out in front of a moving vehicle and creating a dangerous situation for everyone involved.


While the Passat has always been a practical mid-size sedan, it does get an excellent dose of fun with the 2020 model. Steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters give you manual control over the six-speed automatic transmission whenever you want it, and sport mode makes those shifts even quicker for when you really want to have some fun. All of this is attached to a 174-horsepower turbocharged engine that delivers 207 pound-feet of torque for thrilling acceleration. And since it uses a turbocharger to make power, acceleration occurs low in the rev range where you'll use it the most, while fuel economy remains strong at cruising speeds.

New Design

The latest design of the Passat makes it a striking entry in the mid-size sedan category. The signature LED headlights features a wraparound daytime running light strip that makes the Passat feel like a high-end luxury performance car. The grille connects directly to these headlights for a truly cohesive front-end design, while the lower grille and air dam give the Passat an aggressive feel.

Inside, over 36 inches of rear legroom mean your passengers will have plenty of space to stretch out, while dual-zone automatic climate control keeps everyone comfortable. V-Tex leatherette seating surfaces give you the luxury of leather with a material that is much easier to maintain, and rear-seat USB ports keep everyone connected.


The infotainment display on the 2020 Passat features both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features. By mirroring your mobile device directly to your Passat's display, you'll have a seamless smartphone experience without having to actually pick it up.

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