Electric vehicles are rapidly increasing in popularity due to their efficiency, and how much better they are for the environment. Volkswagen has noticed this trend, and they are working hard to bring the ID4 all-electric crossover into production.

The ID4 is a concept vehicle that will serve as an outline for VW's future lineup of electric crossovers and SUVs. It has been designed to be easy to maneuver, even around the tight streets of Tulsa, while also being fun to drive. Electric vehicles may not make all the noise of an internal combustion engine, but they do provide you with instantaneous torque. This instant on-demand power feels similar to the acceleration that you experience on roller coasters. The ID4 aims to be practical, as it will be able to travel up to 311 miles on a single charge. Combine this with its DC Fast charging and it'll help combat any anxiety caused by limited range on trips to Broken Arrow.

The ID4 concept aims to usher in a new era of modern design for VW. The ID4 has lines so smooth that it looks like it is in motion even when it is parked in Owasso. The ID4 will come standard with rear-wheel drive, which will add to its sporty character, but you will be able to option all-wheel drive on future models. The cabin will be full of technology, but with a minimalist vibe. The ID4's cabin is focused on being light and airy, while also providing ample room for all of your passengers. Your friends and family will enjoy this if you plan on taking them on road trips across Claremore. They can provide rear passengers with so much room by lowering the rear seats and slightly raising the roofline compared to many other crossovers.

To get more information on the ID4 electric concept crossover, you can speak with our experts at Don Thorton Volkswagen of Tulsa near Bixby. They will be able to tell you all of the latest information, while also being able to update you on what the specs of the production vehicle will be.

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