Does Volkswagen Still Offer Manual Transmissions?

While automatic transmissions and the increasingly popular CVT (continuously variable transmission) setups are the most common styles in modern cars, Volkswagen still makes models oriented for the stick-shift enthusiast. If you're a driver used to a manual transmission, you're in luck at our Tulsa, OK Volkswagen dealership, where many of our current new 2017 and 2018 models come with standard setups, giving you a sporty sense of drivability wherever your adventures take you.



Many of our new Volkswagen models are best when driven with a stick. The new Golf and the sportier Golf GT are perfect examples of VW models that are tons of fun to whip around in while shifting up and down, your left foot on the clutch and your hand firmly gripping the shifter. Learn more about Volkswagen's take on manual transmissions by visiting our dealership on South Memorial Drive in Tulsa and find the stick-shift car of your dreams.

You're always welcome here at Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa so come over today and take a test drive in the car with a manual transmission of your choice.

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