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At Don Thornton Volkswagen we know our customers take pride in their Volkswagen vehicles. Making sure they run smoothly and safely, especially during the scorching summer months should always be a priority for drivers around Tulsa, OK, which is why we're here to offer the expertise of our service center.


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Our service center is located right here at our dealership and we're ready to help you drive with confidence all summer long. Even if you keep up with routine maintenance, we recommend scheduling a summer service appointment for your Volkswagen to ensure that it's running in prime condition so you don't end up facing any inconvenient car trouble on a memorable family vacation or while you're on the way to cool off by the water. Our team of technicians will check on your oil, rotate your tires, align your front end, test your air conditioning system and cabin filtration system, replace any older windshield wipers, test your car battery, replenish your coolant or any other essential engine fluids and anything in between. We believe it's better to be safe than sorry, because no one wants to run into any bumps in the road that can easily be avoided.

Take the right steps to enjoy a carefree, stress-free summer driving experience by scheduling a summer service appointment at Don Thornton Volkswagen today. You can schedule online or by giving us a call at (888) 476-1699.

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