Why Should You Lease a New Volkwagen?

There are few experiences on the road more enjoyable than driving a brand new vehicles. The fresh performance; the latest technology; the new car smell! Wouldn't it be great to have that experience more often? Say, every few years? Believe it or not, you can! You get to do exactly that when you lease a new Volkswagen from Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa.

Why should you lease a new Volkwagen? Here are five reasons:

  • You don't pay full price! Because the dealership technically maintains ownership, you're only paying for the value of the vehicle for the term of your lease, which is typically 24 to 36 months.
  • Precisely because you're not paying full price, monthly payments are lower.
  • Maintenance is generally covered under warranty for the duration of your lease.
  • When your lease is up, the return process is simple and hassle free.
  • You can upgrade to a brand new Volkswagen every time you sign a new lease! That's right, you get to drive the latest Volkswagen model available every few years.

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