The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas: Roomy Enough For Seven

When you have a lot of people that you need to transport you want to be sure that there is enough room for everyone and everything. The all-new Volkswagen Atlas SUV is the perfect solution. Watch the video below to get an idea of just how much space the Atlas contains (and how comfy it looks).

Although we don't recommend sleeping in your Atlas, it's nice to know that it is spacious enough, and comfy enough, for you to do so, especially if your Dad's snoring makes sleeping in the tent unbearable.

The Atlas isn't just an SUV that provides you plenty of space, it's also extremely versatile and has been built with your family in mind. For example the second row is wide enough that it can fit three car seats comfortably. If you have a lot of different sized car seats you understand the struggle. One will only fit in the middle, but you can't have the five year old sitting next to the three year old or else there will be no peace during the entire trip. With the Atlas you won't have to worry about that. You can also access the third row while having a car seat in the second row seat, which saves you the hassle of having to rebuckle the car seat every time someone needs to get in or out of the back.

You won't have to fret over a lack of cup holders either. Although you wouldn't think a lack of cup holders would be a deal breaker, once you have 17, like the Atlas does, you won't want to have any less. These 17 cup holders are capable of handling bottles, juice boxes, those plastic cups from the drive threw, sippy cups, and whatever oddly shaped cups you can find.

The most versatile part about the Volkswagen Atlas is the cargo space capabilities. The second and third row seats can be folded flat in multiple ways which allows you to customize how your passengers and cargo are situated. If you have a long tent that you need for you camping trip fold half of the third row and one of the second row seats down to make room while still having three seats for your kids. Pitched the tent and now you need to transport your kids and their friends to the pool? Easily fold the seats back up to do so.

Interested in the Volkswagen Atlas? Then come to Don Thornton Volkswagen of Tulsa to learn more. Take our available Atlas models for a test drive, fold down the rear seats to see how easy it is, and get ready to start your next journey in your new Volkswagen Atlas today!

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